How to Create a Call Sheet With Avogato

How to Create a Call Sheet With Avogato

· Thibault Le Ouay

In this article, we will guide you through the creation of a beautiful call sheet with Avogato.

First, create a free account on Avogato. Avogato is a free call sheet generator. It helps you generate beautiful call sheets, sends them automatically to your crew.

On the home screen of Avogato, click on ‘Create your first call sheet’

Create new call sheet

It will take you to your newly created call sheet. You will edit your shooting information on the left side of the screen. On the right side, it’s the preview of your call sheet.

General information

You can edit the general information of your call sheet,

Add Talent

Then you need to add your talent, you can search from our existing database of talent or create a new one.

Add crew

The next step is to create or add an existing crew.

The last step is to add the scheduling of the day. You can add a time slot and a description of every shoot, happening during the day.

Share callsheet

Now it’s time to share your call sheet with your team: You can:

email callsheet

If you share it by SMS or email select the recipient of the call, and click ‘Send call sheet’

Voila, your call sheet is done.

Pssst: Here’s the link of the callsheet we have just created :

Use Avogato to create beautiful callsheets with ease.